Friday, 5 April 2013

Enrichment or acceleration learning??

This is something that I have been thinking over the last few days, enrichment or acceleration learning for students. 

Enrichment - teaching the same topic but increase the difficulty of the topic 

Acceleration- increasing the level

Which do you think is more important???

I didn't know about these 2 terms before the start of this module. After knowing, I realized that preschool educators should do more of enrichment teaching for preschool children rather then acceleration teaching to prevent over teaching and over whelming the children. 

Enrichment is essential to challenge the children's thinking and hence help build a strong foundation as they move on to primary school. If preschools are more focus on acceleration thinking, I feel we are mainly doing it to meet the parents demand. This is why I feel is it so important for all early childhood educators to have a stand on what to teach and what skills children have to possess by the end of their preschool years. 

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