Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Teaching equal groups

Hula Hoops and Equal Groups

Calling all different kinds of learning modalities!! I found  an exciting way to teach equal groups and would like to share with all of you.

In this activity children practiced how to make equal groups together. 

Get children to stand up, and then said something like "make equal groups of 2"...they had to quickly get into pairs scattered around the room. Then "make equal groups of 4"..."5"..."6"..etc.
For example: 4x2

Make four hula hoops for the four groups on the floor. 

 Put 2 students in each group. 

Count the number of students "in all"...4x2=8

Next try on 5x2= 10

Three hoops with 3 students in each group.

We can bring this activity into our classrooms too. :)

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