Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Word problems

The purpose of word problems

One purpose of word problems is to prepare children for real life. This is true for example of shopping problems.
Another, very important purpose of story problems is to simply develop children's logical and abstract thinking and mental discipline. Note: one-step word problems surely will not do that! 

We can also bring it in to their everyday life by:

Practice problem solving daily by simply asking more questions. For example:
  • How many students brought their homework today?
  • How many more children brought their homework yesterday?
  • We had 8 markers on the board, but now we only have 3. How many did we take away?
  • How many animals are there in this magazine? How many are mammals? How many are birds? (introduction to fractions and percentages)
This will encourage children and ignite their interests in math too!

Not only that, it allows children to practice problem solving skills. http://nzmaths.co.nz/why-teach-problem-solving

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