Sunday, 31 March 2013

Pre Course Reading

Being a teacher who teaches mathematics, I will need to have a profound, flexible and adaptive knowledge of mathematics content to ensure that I am prepared to pass on the knowledge to the students. And definitely being a teacher is not an easy job, we will have to be persistence, positive attitude, readiness for change and reflective disposition. Among all the qualities listed, I believed that all those qualities work hand in hand to make a good teacher and being reflective is the most important attribute of all. This is because we should always examine oneself for areas that need improvement or reflect on successes and challenges is critical for our growth and development. 

Having a good teacher is not enough for a student to strive, having the right environment is equally important to support children in learning and doing mathematics. In the right classroom environment, children will be given opportunities to talk about mathematics with one another and therefore creating chances to engage in reflective thinking and internalize concepts. In addition, children should be exposed to multiple approaches, learning to develop new ideas with mathematical skills and treating errors as learning opportunities. 

In all, I feel learning mathematics should be an enjoyable moment for every child and can be taught outside of the classrooms as well. As teachers, we could help children understand the concepts of mathematics better by providing them with concrete materials and used things that are of interest to them to let enjoy learning process.  

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